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Brand New SAMO Website!
February 9, 2015

Hey everybody, welcome to the launch of our new site! We'd like to thank Scott Willemsen and Artie Wosko of Takeover Studio, who toiled endlessly to get everything just right.

Take a look around at some new sections we've put up. in particular, we're bringing our record jacket manufacturing to the fore which was previously the best kept secret (unintentionally) in Canadian vinyl pressing. Have you ever got jackets where half of them have spine registration all over the place? Of course you have, but not from us. No one pays closer attention to registration or jacket construction than we do, and we're damn proud of it.

Another brand new feature is our online vinyl supply store, carrying a selection of poly bags, record mailers and blank jackets. Products are purchased via PayPal and ship out the next day, followed by your tracking number so you can monitor the progress.

And hey look at that, we're also now a fully fledged print bindery shop. Do you need inserts, custom booklets, foil, embossing, creative packaging? We do it in house and we don't skimp on quality.

So check out the new SAMO media - new capabilities, new website, new year (happy 2015!), let's do it.