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SAMO media is excited to announce the addition of our new factory dedicated to manufacturing printed and blank 12” record jackets.

With our newly acquired Winkler und Dünnebier fabrication machine, we’re happy to introduce ourselves as one of the few record jacket manufacturers in North America.

Please contact us at info@samomedia.com or by phone at 416.425.6631 for pricing.


The Winkler

Our Winkler und Dünnebier folding machine was the first of its kind to land in North America. Stamped 1977, it marked an innovation in the automation of folding, cutting and gluing for record jacket manufacturing. And like most machines used in our industry, it has long been discontinued and only survives as a relic traded amongst businesses determined to keep the medium of vinyl records alive.

Lovingly referred to around our shop as “The Winkler” or “Henry”, our record jacket folding machine can produce up to 10,000 units an hour, but is usually run around the 5,000 mark. While it’s running, one of our operators routinely inspects the units on the delivery end to ensure each batch has the correct spine registration, gluing and trim. Once the jackets have passed through our quality control process, they’re boxed in sets of 110 and are then ready for packaging.